Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Kettle Size: 58’L x 8’W x 10’D  |  Max lift capacity: 22 tons

Production Capabilities

In the heart of the Southland complex lies our 100,000-sq ft galvanizing facility. Southland is one of the only structural steel fabricators in the USA with galvanizing capability, and has the capacity to produce 60,000 tons per year. Per EPA standards, we are considered a low emissions facility. Acid fumes, white smoke, and fresh and spent acid are entirely contained through our fully automated processes. Every aspect of our operations is meant to ensure that Southland delivers, on time and with unmatched quality, every time.

Automated systems

We built a fully automated system for hot-dip galvanizing, complete with the latest technology to handle any workload. Our suite of automatic overhead cranes coupled with our universal racking system can handle up to 22 tons per dip, all without any human interaction.

our process

Our Hot-Dip Galvanizing process involves bonding molten zinc to steel, protecting it from corrosion for up to 75 years. We insure our steel is cleaned thoroughly, rinsed, pickled, fluxed, and dried before the zinc bath begins. Once dipping begins, we're able to completely cover the entire area of the surface, ensuring an even coating and significantly lengthening the life cycle of your steel. Once the product has undergone a final Quality Control inspection, we can ship direct from our facility to the site location of your choosing.


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