industrial sandblasting

Production Capabilities

Whether you're looking to remove old surfaces and paints or prepping for new ones, Southland Industrial Coatings can handle all your sandblasting needs. We can roughen your chosen surface before applying coatings by using our 2 large industrial 8-ton sandblasting pots, capable of accommodating 4 blasters each. Our professional sandblasting services are fast, effective, and applied under the same roof to decrease production times so we can get your product coated and sent to you that much quicker.

our process

Since sandblasting deals with abrasive blasting of sand or silica, our production warehouse has integrated specific areas for preparation and application. We make sure to thoroughly clean the surface of metal before metalizing, painting, or fire-proofing. We can strip off old paint or smooth a surface using different grades or substances. We also have controlled indoor environments equipped with industrial dust collection and dehumidification which allow us to continue sandblasting even when outdoor conditions are unfavorable. Once your product has been sandblasted, we can immediately move it to our production line to apply the coating of your choice.


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