Production Capabilities

Southland Industrial Coatings specializes in metalized coatings using Twin Wire Arc Spray. Since this metalizing agent is the most reliable and economical of all thermal sprays, it is an excellent alternative to hot-dip galvanized coating. After introducing compressed air to the arc zone, molten material is atomized and propelled onto the work-piece, creating an extremely strong mechanical bond.

our process

Metalizing is often the generic term used for coating metal onto an object’s surface by applying a thermal spray. After preparation of your product, metal wire is inserted into spray equipment to allow it to become molten. Clean and compressed air atomizes the material, which is then sprayed directly onto the surface. Metallizing is considered a cold process because the metal material is sprayed onto the object’s surface rather than applied by dipping and galvanizing the object, but it still results in a similarly strong coating.

types of metal

Southland Industrial Coatings predominantly relies on a zinc metalized coating as an alternative to hot-dip galvanizing. Although we also specialize in spraying other common metals such as aluminum, our machines are capable of spraying a variety of exotic metals. If you need a specific coating, be sure to give us a call to inquire about options to accommodate your metalizing needs.


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